Rottcher Wineries and Distillery, which has been a landmark of the Lowveld for the past 50 years, is well worth a visit.

At this cellar, unique orange beverages are fermented in the old fashioned way. Pop in and come and taste the “Pride of the Lowveld” - Our answer to dessert wines, Sherries and ports.

Four flavours are available - Orange, Orange & Ginger, Orange & Chilli and Clementine - all with an alcohol content of 14.5%. These versatile drinks also make delicious spritzers’ and make an interesting additive to cooking.

The Distillery produces a number of citrus based products

- Our very own version of Limoncello Liqueur. Double distilled Rottcher Orange and then infused with lemon to our own unique recipe
- Rottcher Slowveld Mampoer - a mampoer made from distilled Rottcher Clementine
- The first citrus based gins in the world!
- Slowveld Gin - Orange: Made from
               distilled Rottcher orange and
               infused with nine botanicals
- Slowveld Gin - Clementine: Made
               from distilled Rottcher Clementine
               and infused with nine botanicals
Rottcher Wineries is now also selling a selection of premium grape wines from the Cape.
We are open 7 days a week and offer tastings of all our products.
Visit our website for more information
Telephone 013 751 3472
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